2013 Elections

Even by odd-year elections this is an ‘off year’ election as county commissioners are not up. In many counties those associated with law enforcement will face the voters – DA, Sheriff – as will other row offices such as Clerk of Courts and Prothonotary. Many counties will elect local Judges and there will be a statewide race for Superior Court in 2013.

In addition, two of the state's Supreme Court Justices will stand for 'retention,' a Yes/No vote on whether they will receive another term in office. Neither Justice up for retention -- Republican Chief Justice Ron Castille or Democrat Max Baer -- could serve the full 10 years on the Court if retained. Both would bump up against the Constitutionally-mandated retirement age of 70: Castille after one additional year and Baer after five.

PBC Political & Grassroots Director Chris Nicholas interviewed Chief Justice Ron Castille in March to discuss his retention campagin.

Voters this year will choose one new Judge for the state Superior Court. All three candidates have been rated 'Recommended' by the state Bar Association. Click here for details on their backgrounds and qualifications. The Superior Court currently has 14 members: nine Republicans and  five Democrats. 

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The goal of Pennsylvania policymakers should be to make it the smart business decision for employers to locate, expand, and hire here in this commonwealth rather than in one of our competitor states. Likewise, the goal of federal policymakers ought to be to optimize conditions for economic growth in the United States so American businesses can compete worldwide. This means we must restrain state spending, enact pro-growth business tax relief, provide limits on lawsuit abuse, improve the regulatory climate, and ensure we have a trained workforce. Our state government cannot tax-and-spend the way to good fortune for all; but we can grow the private sector by attracting new business investments and expanding the tax base, then prosperity will surely follow.

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